Barcelona, or just Barca, is a club of Max Spayne that plays in La Liga.

Badge Edit

It features the players in the attacking trio: Philippe Cuteinho, Chewy Suarez and Lionel Messigician. Behind their heads, there's a picture of their respectives countries' flags. ter

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er stegen

2. Nelson Semedo[[Denis Suarez|

Denis Suarez

3. Gerard Piqkira

Barca badge

4. Ivan Raketits

5. Sergio Buckets

6. Denis Suarez

7.  Philippe Cuteinho

8. Arthurtrak

9. Chewy Suarez                                                                                                                      

10. Lionel Messigician

11. Ousmane Dempele

13. Mr. Cillessen

17. Paco ahwere

18. Jessica Alba

20. Sergi the Roberto

22. RTAro Vidal

23. Salmonman Umtiites

26. Malcom

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