Engbland is a country and where the main teams on 442oons are from.

Manchester Sheiky F.C.
Three Lions 442oons

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Clubs from Engbland

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Based on the players called up to Engbland x Malta and Slowvenia in 4 September 2016. Only for players who have appeared

  • Goalkeepers

1 Joe Hairt (TC) (from West Hammers- loan from Manchester Sheiky F.C.)

13 Fraser Forester (from Saintshampton)

  • Defenders

2 Skyle Walker (from Manchester Sheiky F.C.)

3 England's Rose (from Tottenham Hotform)

5 Gary Vkahill Blue (VC) (from Chelski FC)

6 John €50nes (from Manchester Sheiky F.C.)

12 Calvin Clyne (from Leavethepool)

15 Phil Jagbomberelka (from Cleverton)

  • Midfielders

4 Jordan Henderun (from Leavethepool)

7 Rah££m Loves St£rling (from Man Shieky)

8 Adam TheLlama (from Leavethepool)

14 Theo Walcrock (from Cleverton)

10 Wayne The Ogre (C) (from Cleverton)

20 Jessie Lingard (from Moneychester United)

17 Eric Dier (from Tottenham Hotform)

18 Jack Wilsmoke (from Arsene)

  • Forwards

21Daniel Sturrinjured (from Leavethepool)

9 Hurri-Kane (from Tottenham Hotform)

11Jamie's Come Fardy (from Leicester The Foxes)

19MarcMaquez RoadRashford (from Moneychester United)

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