Bayern Munchausen

Bayern Munich is a club from Germazing.

The Captain is Savewell Neuer.

Coach: Jupp Heynckes

Their rivals are Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04

Squad Edit

N. Position Player name Nation Captian
1 GK Manuel Neuer Germany (captain)
6 MF Thiago Alcatrazra Max Spayne
7 MF Franckenstein Ribery Les Blose
8 MF Wal Martinez Spain
9 FW Robert Lewangoalski Po-land
10 MF Irun Robben Holland
11 OMF James Rodriguez Colombia
14 MF Xabi Alonso Max Spayne
17 DF Jeronimo Boateng Germazing
18 DF Bernard Max Spayne
23 MF RTAro Vidal Chilly
25 MF Thomasshole Muller Germazing (Vice captain)
26 GK Sven Ulreichpudding Germazing
27 DF David Alibaba Arnia
29 FW Coman The Barbian Les Blose
32 MF J. Kimmichkardashian Germazing

Former players Edit

N. Postion Player Name Nation Transfer to Now
4 DF Dante Badzil Wolvesburger Nice
17 MF Mark Van Bommely Ho-Land ACDC Milan Retired
19 MF Mario Goatze Germazing DvD Dorussia Dortmund DvD Dorussia Dortmund
16 FW Siciegosz Sonic Paul Po-land Manchester Sheiky F.C. Real Madrith

39 Toni Tom Kroos (out to Real Madrith)

31 Schweine (out to Moneychester United)

11 Xherdan Shaqira (out to Stoke Wet and Windy)

35 Renato Sanches (out to Swanastery)

36 ImRed Can (out to Leavethepool)

21 Phillip Lahm (Retired)