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This page is for the club called Old lady (In italian ''Vecchia Signora'') The parody of Juventus FC

It appears for the fist time in a video about Suarez, where appears Patrice Whatevra with Juventus jersey.

After it appears on Champions League 2014-2015 Semifinal versus Real Getrid.

Old lady has too many former pl

ayer and legends football ,but the most important legends not appears (Alessandro Del Piero and Roberto Baggio)

It home jerseys are black and White ,the away jerseys are Blue.

Old lady is very unlucky in europe, The fists player to appears with an Old lady Jersey were Patrice Whatevra, POB and Giorgio Chiellini, Old lady it's known as ''Juventus''

Players Edit

Position Nationality Name Character C
2 D Greataly Mattia De squilo No
3 D Italy Giorgio Chiellinguine Yes Capitan
4 D Morocco Ohilooksosilly Benatia Yes
5 C Bosniaoffside Miralev Peeanitch Yes
6 C Germazing DJ Khaledira Yes
7 C Collapsebia Pileofjuan Cuadrado Yes
8 C Greataly Claudio Marcboohissio Yes Vice-Capitan
9 A Handballgentina Gonzalo Hugeain Yes
10 A Handballgentina Paulo Dyballer Yes
11 A Badzil Thebetterlooking Costa Yes
12 D Badzil Ale Jandro Yes
14 C Les Blose Cheryl Macheryltuidi Yes
15 D Greataly Andrea Balbagli Yes 3th Capitan
17 A Crow-atia Wario Wandzukic Yes
21 D Germazing Bendydick Hooverdes Yes
23 GK Po-land Wojciech Toomanyzedzney Yes
24 D Greataly Daniele Rugaknightwhosayni No
27 C Greataly Stephanie Beefstewraro Yes
30 C Urucry Rodrigo Bentencur No
33 A Greataly Fedexerico Burnadeski Yes

Former players Edit


RTAro Vidal in 2013-2014 season,left in summer 2015 for Bayern Munchausen

N Position Name Left to now
1 P Gigi Bouffant (C) PSG PSG
22 C Kwadwo Assomower Inter Mulan Inter Mulan
26 D Stephan Lickenstainer Arsene Arsene
19 D Leonardo Bonucci ACDC Milan ACDC Milan
23 D Danny Alfez Paris Saint Germoney Paris Saint Germoney
33 D Patrice Whatevra OMG OMG
10 A Paul POB Manchesthair United Manchesthair United
9 A Realvaro Morata Real Madrith Chelsea FC
7 A Simone TsarTsar West hammers Vicki Valencia
8 C Antonio Conte (C) Retired Chelsea FC manager
10 A Carloth Teveth Boca-no-only-Juniors Boca-no-only-Juniors
23 C RTAro Vidal Bayern Munchausen Bayern Munchausen
9 A Zlatan Egohimovic Intercity Manchesthair United
21 A Zinheadine Zidane Real Madrith Real Madrith Manager
17 A Lord Bendtner Wolvesburger Free Agent
6 A Terry Henry Arsene Retired
21 C Los Andreles Pearlo New Manchester City FC UAE New Manchester City FC UAE
22 C Emanuele Giacchertiny Sunlessland S.S.C. Napoli
C Fabiohno Capello ACDC Milan Retired
11 A Coman The Barbian Bayern Munchausen Bayern Munchausen
20 A Luca Toni Al-Nasr Retired
10 A Michel Platini (C) retired Retired, former president


A ClassA-drian Mutu ACF Fiorentina Târgu Mureș
1 GK Edwin van der Sar Foolham Retired
  • Former Coach

Old lady's squads Edit

Zlatan Juve

Season 2005-2006

Season 2006-2011

- Zlatan Egohimovic, ClassA-drian Mutu

Season 2010-2011

+ Luca Toni, Andrea Barzagli

Season 2011-2012

+ Antonio Conte, Emanuele Giacchertiny, RTAro Vidal, Andrea Pearlo, Stephan Lickensteiner

Season 2012-2013

+ Lord Bendtner

- Luca Toni

Season 2013-2014

The only one player showed

+ Carloth Teveth

- Lord Bendtner

Season 2014-2015


+ Coman The Barbian, Realvaro Morata, Patrice Whatevra, Max Allegri

- Emanuele Giacchertiny, Antonio Conte

Season 2015-2016

Juventus team

+ Juan Cuadrado, Simone TsarTsar, Mariowned Mandzukic, Sami Khedira, Mymymy Dybala, Alex Sandro

- RTAro Vidal, Carloth Teveth, Andrea Pearlo, , Coman The Barbian

Season 2016-2017

+ Muggedme Benatia, Miralev Peeanitch, Gonzalo Hugeain, Danny Alfez, Moise Kean

- Poor Pogba, Simone TsarTsar, Realvaro Morata

Note: The character in bold are showed and the character not in bold are not showed

Season 2017-2018

+ Douglas CostaFortune, Wojciech Toomanyzedzney

- Danny Alfez, Leonardo Bonucci

Old Lady's titles Edit

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