There is a problem with parsing the infoboxEdinson Cavani is a player of Chewaguary and Paris Saint Germoney.

Character Edit

His design is based in the Skeletor of the HeMan franchise. However after the "Zlatan And the Masters Of The Euroverse" series finished, he was given an appearance resembling him in real life.

Career Edit

He first appeared in the Champions League 2014/15 video, of Chelsea 1 vs Paris Saint Zlatan 1, where he makes a goal. He later appeared in the other game, when Zlatan was He-Man. In that game, he pressioned David Louise and Thiowngoal Silva to make goals, making their team win.

He also appeared in Cuppa America Chilly 2015, where he is poked by Jara. He appears in Champions League 2015/16.

Now in his normal look he is part of the famous trio MCN consisting of him neymar and Mbappe where he consistenly argues with neymar with stuff like who takes a penalty. He also has dropped in the quality of his insults, infact all his insults dont even make sense. This is clearly shown is the MCN not hot diss track by thomas muller.

Trivia Edit

  • He often insults his team-mates when they do something wrong.
  • Sometimes he forgets that Zlatan is in his team and his enemy.
  • In the Cuppa America, he used a wand with Suarez head.
  • He also appeared in the Cuppa America title screen and he was the only player of Chewaguay.
  • Now he is reacently the one being insulted and all his disses and insults are lame
  • Dislikes neymar


Skeletor: Your no punk, so don't drive drunk!'

new cavani: Long nose like cherios

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