There is a problem with parsing the infobox"I'm sacchi a comedian!"

''Auww. You hurt mai eye! I CAN SEE JESUS! I CAN SEE JESUS!''

Thomasshole Muller is a player of Germazing and Bayern Munchausen. He is known for making many jokes and his catchphrase is: "I am such a comedian". He usually make jokes about Germazing's victory over Badzil in the Brazil 2014 World Cup and he likes to troll former Bayern Munchausen teammate and Brazilian Dante.

Trivia Edit

  • Thomasshole Muller's personality & name is based on Thomas Muller due to his sense of humour and Thomas once shared a video from 442oons in Twitter.
  • Like many Germazing footballers, he sometimes mispronounces words; such as pronouncing "one" as "fun", when he says The Odd One Out sounds like "Gee Ot Fun Autto".

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